Holipay is the new BNPL created to travel on installments





What is a BNPL


An Buy Now Pay Later, also known as BNPL extension or "Buy now and pay later", it is a new payment system which allows consumers to purchase by installments and deferred in installments of the same amount and without interest.

holipay, being specifically designed for the hotel sector, defines itself as a “Book Now Pay Later", or "Book now and pay later” and is the first BNPL created to travel on installments.


Holipay, essendo studiata appositamente per il settore alberghiero, si definisce una “Book Now Pay Later”, ossia “Prenota ora e paga dopo” ed è la prima BNPL creata per viaggiare a rate.


What is holipay?

holipay therefore it is both a payment method in installments and a platform where the traveler can book a holiday and pay it comfortably in installments, all without interest.

Holipay was born recently, Mattia Casadio CEO of the company defines it as follows:
“Holipay is a startup, it only started operating and integrating booking engines from the first months of 2022, but the idea came from much earlier, from my passion for finance and tourism. So I decided to apply finance to grow hotel sales, and I talked about it during a webinar in 2020. Seeing some interest in the topic, I started looking around and came up with the idea of applying the system payment by installments, which is very common today for the purchase of material goods, even in the world of tourism, for the purchase of a holiday this time.” (Mattia Casadio – CEO of Holipay)

This system is 100% safe for the hotelier, but also for the traveller. It allows you to increase the sales of hotel rooms, to cash in sooner with installments, to disintermediate from OTAs and to greatly reduce the risk of cancellation. All this by offering travelers the payment method they increasingly prefer in everyday life: installments.

Holipay is convenient:

  • both for the traveler, who can travel in total freedom, stopping the holiday in time and starting to pay for it the month after booking and then having no more worries, because payments are all automatic every month until the month of checkout, always without interest.
  • both for thehotelier, who will receive the first payment at the time of booking and then the rest of the payment, all in advance in installments, on the first of each month. The hotelier therefore sees the risk of cancellation reduced because those who are already paying for the holiday in installments hardly decide to cancel the reservation and also cash in sooner because the installments are credited every month, accounting for them as deposits.

Holipay is therefore theinnovation in the world of tourism, it's not just a payment method, it's also a real one marketing tool for the hotel sector.

The structures that have activated holipay are already a hundred, and several hundred are waiting instead that their booking engine be integrated in order to be able to activate Holipay too.

booking engine already integrated with holipay are Hotel in Cloud, Ermes Hotels, Passepartout, Hoteldoor, but forecasts say that within a couple of months it will be possible for every hotel in the Italian market to sell in installments with holipay


Holipay wants to be a new way of traveling, which allows the traveler to plan the holiday in time by paying it in small installments and without interest, so that when he arrives at the facility he is free of any commitment and can enjoy the carefree vacation.

Holipay is a method to encourage people to travel comfortably.

Various platforms are appearing on the Italian tourism market that allow you to pay in installments, but none of these has been designed specifically for the sale of travel.


Why is holipay unique?

Holipay is one of a kind mainly because it's not a finance company, we see below 11 reasons why Holipay differs from traditional BNPLs (Buy Now Pay Later, financial companies that allow payment in installments of goods and services with a short-term loan, granted by relying on credit institutions):


Holipay automatically proposes a number of installments ranging from a minimum of 2 (for reservations under the date) to a maximum of 10, based on the months prior to check-out. The first installment is paid the month after the booking and the last installments, one or two depending on the month of the hotel stay, are paid one month after the holiday. When the client arrives he has already finished paying, or almost, and he can enjoy the holiday without worrying about how much he will spend or having to pay the whole amount at once.

Traditional BNPLs have a maximum of 3/4 fixed installments, with a time frame typically of 60 days. The last installment can also go beyond the check-out, as the BNPL are financial institutions, but in the holipay philosophy nobody wants to pay for a holiday three months after having taken it.




Holipay has no amount limits, both minimum and maximum.

Traditional BNPLs, on the other hand, have an amount limited to 1.000 / 1.500 €. This is quite limiting both for the traveller, who once a certain threshold is exceeded will no longer be able to take advantage of the installment payment, and for the hotelier who could see their bookings reduced if the traveler he believes that the use of installments to reserve the hotel room is crucial.




Holipay is 100% safe for both parties because it works with a credit card and relies on the circuits of Stripe, the world leader in online payments.




Collection is always anticipated for the hotel which receives the installments month by month starting from the exact moment in which the customer books. The number of installments is calculated automatically by the holipay algorithm with a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 10, starting from the booking date up to the check-out date. Therefore, when the customer arrives at the facility, he will have already paid for everything and will feel free to enjoy his stay without giving himself financial constraints. Upon the traveler's arrival, the hotel will have received the full amount quoted.
On the other hand, the traveler pays nothing at the time of booking. Enter your credit card details and the established installments will be automatically debited to your current account every month. The traveler gets rid of the moment of payment by paying it in installments. During your stay you will be able to enjoy your holiday without worries, and perhaps you will allow yourself an extra whim.




Holipay respects the hotel's cancellation policies. In the event that the customer cancels the reservation, the refund or not is at the discretion of the hotel.

The customer who does not have to pay one or more installments can instead always pay them upon arrival at the facility, as always done before the introduction of the new holipay.

Traditional BNPLs, being supported by banks, may therefore be less flexible. In fact, the credit has already been transferred, and can therefore have its own cancellation policies.




Holipay is the installment payment system specifically designed for hotel businesses. In fact, tourism is a service that has recently been sold more and more online, and being such it needs reasoned and personalized tools, to increase sales by creating a relationship with the customer even through a computer.

Traditional BNPLs, on the other hand, have a lot of history behind them, as they were born for the sale of products online and later expanded into every field of online commerce.




Holipay is valid for hotels all over the world and for travelers from all over the world, there are no geographical limits that holipay cannot exceed. 

Traditional BNPLs, on the other hand, can only operate in countries and with citizens of countries where the credit institution they rely on is present.

We must now consider that tourism does not include geographical barriers, as proof of the differences between an installment payment service designed to work with all hotels such as holipay and a service instead aimed at mere e-commerce.

Furthermore, Italy is one of the most popular and well-known destinations among travelers from all over the world, and if the majority of tourists, who come from abroad, wanted to pay in installments, how could they do without Holipay?




Holipay is linked to the credit card circuit and the commissions for the operation of these is already integrated in the holipay service.




Holipay, not being a financial company, it must not cover a possible risk of insolvency on the part of the customer.

The traditional BNPLs, on the other hand, respond to their credit institution, if a customer no longer pays the installments after the holiday, he is reported as a bad payer and will no longer be able to use the installment service.




Le BNPL tradizionali hanno un costo superiore che si aggira intorno al 10/15%




With holipay, just click on the reservation, enter your credit card details and you're done. Payments are all automatic, so the traveller, after booking his stay, just has to pack his suitcase and leave!

Unlike holipay, traditional BNPLs need to know a lot of information about the person they give credit to, so you need to register by entering all your personal and bank details. This takes time and the person in front of the screen does not always have the patience to complete the option and then proceed to payment. Also because in the world of tourism, the earlier you arrive, the better you stay.


What is the future of holipay?

Create a new market and accustom the customer to this new type of payment.

Unlike other BNPLs in the sector, Holipay can operate for hotels around the world e for customers from all over the world, therefore surely the next step to the activation of holipay in the Italian market will be to address the foreign market.

Holipay has no limit, not even geographical.

Stay tuned for all the news and pack your bags because we're off on a new journey.

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